Bluetooth & WiFi Marketing

ad-pod-plusBluetooth & Wifi Marketing are proximity based systems where the potential customer walks into a zone where either of these signals is being transmitted, bluetooth using a permission / opt in service and the WiFi is a local area login which via the medium of visuals, POS, Smart Posters, TV that can make the customers aware of this FREE service and that they can gain vouchers, offers and become part of a community.

App Creation

We are also able to offer APP building services so that your company can build upon more relationships with customers and also working in partnership with other like minded businesses in the area creating cross promotion and scalable advertising networks.

To read more about App Creation, Click here.

NFC | Near Field Communication

With the coming advent of NFC this offers a low cost interactive solution to POS, from which anyone with and NFC enabled phone can tap the poster on its active spot and download whatever the poster is advertising or even just route them directly to your website. Click these links for more information on what we have in NFC smart posters and NFC products.

Smart poster examples

Advertising Glass

advertising-glassThis latest innovation which can run inconjunction with Bluetooth and WiFi Marketing to create a seemless shop window visual experience. To See more on this product visit Advertising Glass

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