Nom Nom Subs


Watch This Space was delighted to work on behalf of Nom Nom Subs, promoting the opening of their new premises beside Pearse Station. For this campaign we used Reverse Graffiti tags with a directional arrow pointing people in the direction to their premises. Wishing Nom Nom subs the very best in their future endeavors.


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SEAT Ireland


Watch This Space has been working closley with SEAT Ireland with the use of our proximity marketing devices further pushing all SEAT Irelands latest offerings via bluetooth and wifi marketing. 

Check out all SEAT Ireland latest offerings at

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Eason - Reverse Graffiti

EasonWe recently paved the way for an array of book lovers to find Eason bookstore in Portlaoise, with our quirky use of reverse graffiti stencils on the town's footpath.

Placed in the town on the build-up to Christmas, we used arrows pointing in the direction of the store, successfully catching the eye of the general public. 



Barna Recycling

Barna-RecyclingBarna Recycling - Watch This Space was delighted to work on behalf of Barna Recycling, a recycling company in Co.Galway, promoting their new website.

We decided to go for maximum impact during this campaign, using our Pug Truck, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi marketing and reverse graffiti.

These three innovative solutions ensured another successful campaign and can be viewed on our website. Wishing Barna Recycling the very best with their future endeavours.



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